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  • Sports Clubs in Action

    Southeastern Florida University conducting Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball workshops at FHICR-Score Sport Clubs

  • Creativity in Christ

    In April, CDP/CR had the privilege of spreading the love of Christ in multiple CDP/CR communities with a team from Yobel Market in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  With the nine participants, we achieved that His Word was shared in recycled craft workshop and collecting trash in another community.  Many children were able to invest their energy… Read more

  • Have a Little Faith

    We had a Casa Betesda meeting at Isabel’s house and the topic was about Faith and how to trust God. Ann spoke about about Faith and the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5: 25-34) and how she knew that if she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment she would be healed.   That their faith… Read more

  • How sponsorship saved a family in the wake of disaster

    Tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards and hurricanes. In the United States, we certainly experience our share of natural disasters. But most of us also have well-built homes, steady jobs and decent savings accounts. Often, when a blizzard heads our way, we wait it out and are able to resume our normal lives after the storm has passed…. Read more

For a world without hunger

Motivated by Christ´s Love, Food for the Hungry Costa Rica (FHI Costa Rica), exists to meet both physical and spiritual hunger of the poor
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Ways to help

There are many ways to support the Foundation for the Hungry FHI Costa Rica

1. Donation through Paypal Money

Opciones de Donativo Mensual

2.  Other Donations

Can be non-perishable foodstuffs
Clothing in good condition
School materials

3. Deposits in our bank accounts in Costa Rica

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
200-02 – 095-003827 – 1 Dollars
200-01 – 095-019325 – 5 Colones

4. Mail Deposits or Deposits in abroad accounts

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